Safe Schools Act

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Parenting in America Today

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HHS Announces $40.22 Million in Youth Mental Health Grants

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School safety must tackle mental health, not rush to blame guns

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A Brighter Future Tomorrow Starts with Safer Students Today

Imagine visibility of your entire student population, students' real-time locations during an emergency, and data analysis that could help identify potential behavior and wellness issues before they become critical- all in an integrated, easy-to-use, mobile platform.

ShieldCampus Keeps Students Safer

Built BY school administrators FOR school administrators


Know where students are at all times, not just at the start of the school day. This is essential for student well-being and school liability.

Behavior Management

Consolidate faculty notes on students in a central student profile, track behavior patterns, and empower early intervention in at-risk students.

Crisis Management

Quickly identify and respond to a crisis with a step-by-step digital crisis management plan, real-time communication, and student location tracking.

How ShieldCampus Works

ShieldCampus is a customizable school management platform that manages student attendance, behavior, the health of the school community, and prepares school staff and students to identify, confront, and resolve crisis situations.

Attendance Management

Does your school struggle with taking student attendance consistently? Would you be able to accurately account for every student during the school day? ShieldCampus attendance assists schools to manage, monitor, and communicate attendance for their students quickly and easily.
Know where every student is throughout the day by checking attendance per-class or activity.
Automated alerts to faculty and parents when a student is unaccounted for.
Our simple, easy-to-use app saves teachers time while empowering everyone with better data.

Behavior Management

ShieldCampus captures behavior data from a number of sources and houses them into one central database. ShieldCampus identifies behavior patterns and trends that teachers can share with parents and school administrators. Early detection of at risk children is vital in crisis prevention.
Consolidate student behavior data across classrooms and faculty for each student.
Identify behavior patterns and trends and share insights between parents and administrators.
Identify at-risk students and intervene before a crisis happens.

Crisis Management

ShieldCampus turns a paper crisis management plan into a mobile step by step action plan and real-time communication tool for administrators, teachers, students, and parents.. 
Digital step-by-step crisis management plan for administrators, faculty, students, and parents.
Real-time communication between administrators, faculty, students, and parents.
Know where every child was last seen and mark students as safe in real-time.

See How ShieldCampus Works for You

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