Our Story

At ShieldCampus, we are fueled by an unwavering passion to confront one of the most critical challenges our schools face: safety and security. Each day, we dedicate our utmost passion and effort to create impactful solutions that improve the lives of students and educators.


Our commitment to safety starts with our unique platform that allows us to track students and staff in real-time throughout the school day. But it goes beyond that. We are not just another faceless tech company; our founders are educators, with firsthand experience in the school system. Jeff Pickren, a former teacher, coach, and school administrator, and Steve Littlefield, a software developer, joined forces to create something truly impactful.


Originally conceived as a way to manage attendance during crises, ShieldCampus quickly garnered attention for its effectiveness. As demand grew, so did our aspirations. The pandemic may have momentarily stalled our progress, but it also opened our eyes to other pressing needs. We listened to schools, parents, and students, and we understood that mental health was of paramount importance. As a result, we have improved and expanded ShieldCampus by integrating a holistic mental health component that specifically targets the identification of vulnerable students and facilitates more prompt access to the support they need.


Our vision is ambitious: to offer the most comprehensive and integrated mobile platform for educators, reducing casualties in crises, streamlining processes, providing crucial behavior data for analysis, and reducing liabilities. We believe that safety is not just a checkbox; it's a core necessity for young minds to flourish and thrive.


Our dedication to excellence is unwavering. We challenge ourselves every day, pushing the boundaries of what's possible, because we know complacency is not an option. We are grateful for our talents and the opportunity to make a dream a reality, and we humbly acknowledge the blessings in our lives.


But above all else, our motivation stems from the children we aim to inspire. They are the heart and soul of ShieldCampus—the very reason we wake up with determination and a fire in our bellies. We cherish our friends, families, and partners who share our values and appreciate the impact of our work.


We are not just in the business of technology or education; we are in the business of investing in our future leaders and innovators. With every step we take, we are making this world a little safer, a little brighter, and a little more hopeful for the generations to come. And for us, there's no better way to make a living than to contribute to a safer, thriving world for our children.

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