ShieldCampus for Teachers

ShieldCampus empowers teachers to better connect with students, track behavior, and streamline administrative tasks.
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Attendance Management
Behavior Management
Crisis Management
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Attendance Management

  • Paperless platform allows for a more efficient way of managing daily schedules, classes, teachers, and room numbers
  • Teachers can take attendance right from their phone and don’t have to worry about hard copy record keeping
  • Parents will receive immediate notification via text and/or email once a student is marked not present or late
  • Enables consistent and immediate communication between teachers, parents, and school administrators
  • Automated notifications help remind teachers to take attendance
  • Ability to easily run attendance reports and view trends right from your phone
  • Management of excused vs. unexcused absences and related reasons
  • Parent portal allows parents and guardians to communicate an upcoming absence or a prolonged absence (ie, scheduled Drs visit, prolonged illness, vacation etc.)
  • Athletic and extra-curricular onsite and offsite attendance capabilities

Behavior Management

  • Customizable and paperless platform allows your school to create needs based on their specific code of conduct
  • Using your phone, you can immediately report any conduct violations or reward positive behavior
  • Immediate reporting of conduct issues results in immediate accountability
  • Parents will be notified immediately via text and/or email when a discipline issue is reported or positive behavior is recognized
  • Allows you to be consistent in adhering to conduct policies at your school
  • Reduces overall administrative tasks such as data entry, reports, and simple communication which can eat up much of your time

Crisis Management

  • The Customizable and paperless platform allows for you to account for your students right from your mobile device
  • Eliminates you having to remember where your emergency management plan is during a critical situation because it will be displayed on your phone. ShieldCampus will guide you through pre-assigned steps related to each emergency protocol.
  • The mass communication feature allows for real time communication with other staff and first responders during a crisis situation
  • Automated notifications to staff, faculty, parents and students
  • Your school will be able to practice various types of evacuation and crisis drills so you and your students are better prepared
  • The crisis management platform seamlessly ties together who is present at school, who should be accounted for and how they are accounted for during a crisis situation, and the reunification of parent and child

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