ShieldCampus for Parents

Stay informed of your child's well-being and security while at school.
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Attendance Management
Behavior Management
Crisis Management
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Attendance Management

  • Parents will receive immediate notification via text and/or email when your child is late or does not show up to school or for a specific class

Behavior Management

  • Parents will receive immediate notification via text and/or email regarding any discipline issues related to your child
  • Teachers will be held more accountable for correctly enforcing discipline policies
  • Eliminates manual data entry; therefore, consequences are immediate which results in immediate accountability and parent notification
  • Students can receive positive behavior recognition for meeting or exceeding behavior expectations

Crisis Management

  • Allow their school to practice fire, active shooter, or any other emergency situation. Practicing these drills will allow the children and staff to be comfortable with the procedures related to the crisis scenario. Practice makes perfect. Drills should be part of a schools yearly curriculum and practiced often.
  • In the event of a crisis situation, each teacher will have the ability to view step by step instructions based on the school’s crisis management plan on how to proceed with their students. Typically, teachers have a paper based crisis management plan and often times this is not accessible during a crisis situation.
  • Once a crisis is initiated, all faculty as well as first responders receive the notification in real time. Timing is of the essence in any critical crisis situation. The mass communicator allows all students, staff, and first responders to stay up to date and follow needed instructions. This is especially important in schools with multiple buildings on one campus and students are spread out.
  • The attendance portion of the application allows the school to know who should be present and accounted for during a crisis situation. If your child was sick and at home on the day of a crisis and students need to be accounted for, resources can focus accounting for students that were present that day. Shieldcampus enables the school community to report safe, injured, and missing students and personnel in real time.
  • In the event where a reunification of parent and child need to occur, ShieldCampus can facilitate a seamless reunification.s

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