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Attendance Management
Behavior Management
Crisis Management
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Attendance Management

  • The attendance platform is customizable and includes multiple schedule management tools including: early schedule, cycles and rotations of weekly and daily schedules, classes, teachers, students, and room assignments.
  • Immediate customizable notification sent to parents when a student’s attendance record is altered. This ensures real-time, consistent communication between the school and parents/guardians. Communication can include their student and any reminders of school policies.
  • Automated notifications notify teachers to ensure attendance is being entered consistently and to administrators if there are students unaccounted for.
  • Ability to report on individual and group metrics
  • Automated management of excused vs. unexcused absences and late arrival
  • Parents have their own portal to input future planned absences and to notify the school for the reason of an absence or late arrival
  • Athletic and Extra-Curricular (On and Off Campus) Attendance Capabilities
  • Notifications of upcoming events and absences sent automatically to parents and teachers
  • Ability to take attendance multiple times during off-campus events and to communicate with parents/guardians
  • Automated group check-in and check-out
  • Substitutes have the ability to use the application ensuring consistency regardless of the course instructor.

Behavior Management

  • Connecting behavior patterns and trends of students to better analyze and take action
  • The customizable behavior management allows each school to create their needs based upon the school-specific code of conduct.
  • Paperless process allows for immediate reporting of disciplinary infractions or merits. This results in immediate accountability.
  • Consequences can be entered or pre-determined based upon the infraction.
  • Facilitates the consistency in the enforcement of discipline policies.
  • Those using PBIS can issue merits and award points.
  • School can communicate in real-time through email or text messaging with parents regarding discipline issues at school.
  • Significantly reduces simple administrative tasks such as data entry, reports, and simple communication.

Crisis Management

  • This fully customizable platform allows for the accounting of students and imperative communication to multiple stakeholders to include faculty, staff, students, parents, and even the local authorities.
  • Eliminates the need to rely on hard copy documents for attendance or communication of accountability during emergency situations.
  • Eliminates the possibility of faculty and staff forgetting the procedures associated with each and every drill. ShieldCampus will guide faculty and staff through pre-assigned steps related to each emergency protocol.
  • Real-time communication between school personnel and the community for updates and/or for the reunification process.

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