With the ever-increasing work load we all face as professionals in the K-12 educational environment, it is seldom anyone has time to attend conferences and learn from others with great experience. The team at ShieldCampus has built an impressive network of professionals within our industry who have great knowledge and a passion to share that knowledge with others. ShieldCampus will be hosting a series of free webinars, bringing various experienced professionals into short, fast-paced discussions designed to offer you the opportunity to take away meaningful information to help you in your specific initiatives. We hope you will join us for any,or all, of these timely discussions. Also, please pass along the invitation to others in your school/district who might be interested as well.

Choosing the right technology vendors for your District!

Feb. 29, 2:00 pm EST
Don Breedlove, Former Assistant Superintendent for Facilities and Safety at Paulding County Schools

This webinar will focus on the challenges of selecting and managing multiple technology vendors within a school district. These technology solutions address areas of need such as school safety, facilities management, student attendance, behavior/wellness, and sub-coordination. We will focus on the pain points and best practices when choosing the right vendors.

Managing Crisis Part 1: preparation, training, and being prepared for the real thing!

March 7, 2:00 pm EST
Mike Adcock, Safety Director at The Heritage School in Newnan, GA. Former GA State Patrolman for over 30 years

This webinar will discuss developing effective safety plans for your school or district. Also, learn to effectively prepare, schedule, and drill your staff for crisis situations. Finally, 3 must have best practices so your district/school is prepared for the real thing.

Managing Crisis Part 2: Reunification – making sure your plan is ready for Chaos.

March 21, 10:00 am EST
Deputy Curtis Clay, Safety Director for Hendry County Schools

This webinar will discuss the best practices for the reunification process. The discussion will center around reunification plans, communication, and execution. Also, how to effectively practice the reunification process to be ready for the real thing. Lastly, technology and reunification what you need to know.

Crisis Management Part 3: Effective Communication in a Crisis

March 28, 2:00 pm EST
ShieldCampus Co-Founder, Jeff Pickren, and ShieldCampus Advisor, Ann Pickren

Jeff Pickren, co-founder ShieldCampus, as he and Ann focus effective communications in a crisis. Ann will be sharing some of her insights into what the pitfalls are, and how they can be avoided, in building and executing a crisis communications program. Ann Pickren has spent over 30 years working in the mass notification, crisis management profession, with roles including Chief Customer Officer, President and Chief Operating Officer. During that time, she has worked with higher ed institutions, and commercial customers of all industry and sizes, helping them implement sound communications programs.

Threat Management: Preventing a Crisis

April 4, 2:00 pm EST
Holly Saia, Mental Health Director for Hillsborough County Schools

Best practices for the Threat Management process. Holly will discuss multiple Threat Management models that have been employed in the state of Florida. Also, best practices in training your staff on recognition and execution of the Threat Management process.

Attendance: making sure your students are where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be!

April 11, 10:00 am EST
Dr. Hunter Chadwick, Head of School at Calvary Day School in Savannah, Georgia

Dr. Chadwick will discuss best practices for keeping track of student attendance. Also, leveraging technology to help in the attendance process. Lastly, best practices for your attendance records to be up to date and in real time.

Behavior and Wellness Management: shaping the lives of your students!

April 18, 2:00 pm EST

This webinar will focus on best practices in behavior and wellness with your students. We will discuss the employment of both positive and negative outcomes. Also, how do you effectively stay on top of student behavior, so issues don’t become chronic to the culture of your school. Lastly, how to best leverage technology to help you be predictive on the behavior and wellness of your students.

Athletic Administration: it’s more than just making sure the equipment is there!

April 25, 10:00 am EST
Ryan Livezey, Athletic Director of Mount Pisgah Christian School

Managing teams, paperwork, and the health of athletes will be discussed. Also, best practices of leveraging technology to keep track of these issues. Pain points of using multiple technologies to do so.

Special Education Management: making sure your school is in compliance!

May 2, 2:00 pm EST
Sean Cooper, GLRS Director for Chatt-Flint RESA

We will discuss best practices for making sure you are in compliance with your Special education students. Making sure that 504, IEP, and BIP policies are being adhered to, so you are not liable or in jeopardy of losing funding. Best practices and pain points of keeping up with this data at the school and district level will be discussed.

Student Mental Health: Identifying and Caring for Students in need!

May 9, 10:00 am EST

This webinar will focus on the best practices of caring for your students’ mental health. Our guest speaker will be an experienced mental health educator who will share their firsthand experiences with the audience. There will be a chance to collaborate on pain points and evolving trends within the school mental health space.

Front Desk Management: The frontline defense and the face of your school!

May 16, 2:00 pm EST
Rachel Marsh, Registrar for The Heritage School, Newnan, GA

The front desk manager at your school is probably the most underrated staff member in terms of importance to your school. From safety to culture, management of visitors, checking in/out of students, and part time nurse they do it all. Best practices for managing this role will be discussed; as well as the employment of technology to manage all these tasks. Also, pain points and ways to address.

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