Serves as the ultimate source of reliable information concerning students' health and overall well-being. Streamlines the responsibilities of school nurses and athletic trainers, ensuring that all aspects related to student health are effectively and efficiently managed.

Secure and centralized system to store and manage students' and athletes' medical records, including allergies, pre-existing conditions, medications, immunization records, and emergency contacts

Easily track and document injuries and related treatments

Ongoing health monitoring, such as tracking vital signs, symptom reporting, and general well-being assessments

Scheduling to help streamline the process of setting up appointments and follow-ups with healthcare professionals or school staff

Secure communication channels for students, parents, coaches, trainers, and medical staff to exchange information, share updates, and discuss health-related matters

Messaging, notification and alerts

Manage medication administration, including reminders, and dosage tracking

Ability to integrate (API) with other technology platforms

Reporting and analytics features to track health trends, identify patterns, and generate insights that can contribute to improving overall student and athlete well-being


Can be used stand alone or together with all other ShieldCampus modules

Secure and HIPAA compliant

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