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What is the cost?

Private schools: Yearly license fee is based off of # of students. License fees range from $4500-$9500. There is a $1500 one time implementation fee.
Public schools: $12/student for the first year (this includes a $5 implementation fee at year 1), $7/student after year 1.

Can ShieldCampus integrate with other other platforms such as LMSs and/or SISs?

Yes - every school is assigned a technical resource who can help with the integration process

Is there a ShieldCampus app in the app store?

Yes, the ShieldCampus app can be found in the app store for both Android & iOS Devices.

Can I be on both my phone and my laptop?

Yes, you can log into as many devices at one time as needed.

How can I see past attendance for a particular student?

After logging in, you can view past attendance records by either searching for the student or selecting the student’s name anywhere within the platform. From there, the student’s attendance history will appear.

Can a student be assigned to two different classes going on simultaneously?

Yes. For example, you may have a student who is assigned to a weight training class and a special study hall class that take place during the same period. If the student needs extra help, they would attend study hall and not be present for the weight training class.

How can I make the website as a shortcut on the home screen of my phone?

For iPhone: 

1. Open Safari web browser.

2. Go to

3. Press the icon with the “square and arrow pointing up.”

4. Select “Add to home screen” and enter ShieldCampus name.

For Android: 

1. Open Chrome web browser.

2. Go to

3. Press the 3 dot icon in the upper right hand corner.

4. Select “Add to home screen.”

How does the school wide messaging work?

Communication is always key. ShieldCampus includes both a crisis and non-crisis message center. When not in crisis, faculty can message the entire student body, parents, other faculty, specific user groups, specific grades, specific classes, and individual users... whether it be a reminder for school pictures or a follow-up on a math assignment. During a crisis, crisis-only messages and events are displayed to all users for the benefit of tracking individuals and alerting to crisis activity.

Features a Community Message Board in both Crisis and Non-Crisis Modes.

Enables administrators and faculty to send messages to the entire school or targeted individuals or user groups
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