About ShieldCampus You

ShieldCampus equips schools with a powerful platform that keeps students safer, keeps faculty informed, and keeps parents connected.
At ShieldCampus, we are passionate about helping students reach their maximum potential. 

In the spirit of our passion, we have launched ShieldCampus YOU, a paid summer student internship program geared toward high school students and graduates, with an aim to give students an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and business first hand. Students in our program will have the opportunity to give back to school communities, and support the wellbeing of future students.

About Our Programs

An internship with ShieldCampus is an opportunity to build lifetime relationships, to connect with subject matter leaders and to explore the countless opportunities in business and entrepreneurship. 

Areas of Discovery

Students who work with us have opportunities to gain real-world work experience and exposure in the following areas:

     ·  Entrepreneurship
     ·  Business Operations
     ·  Marketing
     ·  Software Development
     ·  Sales
     ·  Networking